Icons 8 web app

After a long silence, we return with yet another amazing product from our old friends from icons8. A while ago we presented their app for Mac users. Meanwhile they have ¬†been very busy and came up with a Windows 8 version of that app and a web-based application. So, what else is new? up to […]

Country flags in single CSS sprite

Almost every website that caters to an international market needs a set of flag icons,¬†either to visually mark the current language and the alternatives or to mark content specific to a certain country. While there are countless country flag icon sets out there, most of the time you must build your own solution to display […]

Subtle Patterns Background Image Generator

A while ago we presented Subtle Patterns – a growing collection of background patterns that can be downloaded for free. Yet some people wanted more. So they took the patterns from Subtle Patterns and created an application that allows one to create their own custom backgrounds. Just like in Photoshop, you can choose a base […]

BootstrapCDN – Content Delivery Network for Bootstrap resources

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for widely used resources are a boost for the performance of websites. One such resource is (Twitter) Bootstrap – a widely used front end framework. Celebrating his first year of existence, the service provides reliable hosting not only for the framework itself (including the up-to-come version 3.0 RC1), but also associated […] is a very nice application that allows one to create a color palette in no time. Deceptively simple, it treats the entire browser window as a giant color picker – one click and you save the current color in a vertical band to the left of the screen. The process can be repeated over […]

Modern IE

For so many years, Internet Explorer has been both a bane for web developers and the butt of all jokes in the browser arena. Countless hours have been lost trying to adapt a design for these “dinosaurs” of the Internet. Fortunately, Microsoft started recently to get back in the good graces of web developers. One […]


The recent update to the Twitter profile pages was bound to bring forward new websites dedicated to the offering of cover images. One the first ones is TwitrCovers which hosts an impressive and ever-growing collection of high quality Twitter Covers and Twitter Header Images. The most useful feature is an overlay of mock data that […]

This is Responsive – a collection of patterns, modules and resources

“This is Responsive” is a project initiated, developed and maintained by Brad Frost and Pon Katerra. They compiled a repository of design patterns and code modules essential for responsive web design. The website also contains a catalogue of resources, like articles and tutorials (from novice to master level), style guides, design tools, development techniques. All […]

Fontello icon font generator

Fontello is an online generator for icon fonts, allowing everyone to create a custom icon font set. It uses slightly modified versions of four icon fonts, unified for a common look: Entypo Font Awesome Iconic Brandico You can pick what icons you want and you can download the compilation font ready to use on your […]

Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide

In a surprising twist, Template Monster, the (in)famous template provider, put together the most complete, interesting and interactive guide to the field of Responsive Web Design. Shaped like a children’s game, you can encounter glossary, blog articles, free PDF books, the official position of Google as well as many tutorials, plugins, tools and ready-made templates.