Browser Hacks Collection

It’s the night before the big launch and you still have not finished coding the website. One browser gives you trouble and there’s no time to refactor everything to prevent the problem from appearing in the first place. If only you could target the troublesome browser and feed him a specific rule that will account […]

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2

Today’s resource comes from a young designer living in Germany,┬áIvo Mynttinen. It is a well documented cheat sheet for everything iOS: resolution, PPI, icon and common UI elements sizes. The devices included in the list are: iPhone (4/4S/5), iPhone and iPod Touch (1/2/3), iPad (1/2), iPad Retina (3/4) and iPad Mini.  

Responsive Web Design Interactive Guide

In a surprising twist, Template Monster, the (in)famous template provider, put together the most complete, interesting and interactive guide to the field of Responsive Web Design. Shaped like a children’s game, you can encounter glossary, blog articles, free PDF books, the official position of Google as well as many tutorials, plugins, tools and ready-made templates.