IconBeast Lite | 500 Free iOS Tab Bar Icons for iPhone and iPad

IconBeast Lite is a double set of PNG tab bar icons for iOS that can be downloaded for free. IconBeast Lite is a strip-down version of IconBeast Pro ($75). This 500 icons set is free for download and is published under Creative Commons Attribution license. You can use these icons in your all your projects, […]

Sparkly Icon Set to Make Your Designs Shine

This icon set covers a vibrant potpourri of subjects, 30 icons ranging from nature, travel and leisure motifs to tech and office. All icons are available in five formats (AI, EPS, PSD, SVG, and PNG) so you can resize and customize them until they match your project’s visual style perfectly. No matter if you like […]

Icons 8 web app

After a long silence, we return with yet another amazing product from our old friends from icons8. A while ago we presented their app for Mac users. Meanwhile they have  been very busy and came up with a Windows 8 version of that app and a web-based application. So, what else is new? up to […]

Country flags in single CSS sprite

Almost every website that caters to an international market needs a set of flag icons, either to visually mark the current language and the alternatives or to mark content specific to a certain country. While there are countless country flag icon sets out there, most of the time you must build your own solution to display […]

Payment Webfont from Orlando TM

At the heart of every ecommerce website sits a payment gateway. The magical way that allows customers to pass you their hard earned money in exchange for your goods or services. However it’s not always easy to advertise these payment processors in a nice visual way. Therefore here comes Orlando TM Merone with a wonderful […]

2800 icons in a Mac app

Today we present a slightly different product. Our resource is a Mac application, from Icons8, containing 2800+ free icons for developers and designers. The icons are in PNG format in multiple sizes from 25x25px to 512×512 px and cover iOS 7 and Windows 8 styles. To use the app, simply type any keyword and the related icons will […]

100 Christmas Vector Icons

The guys at have done it again and brought forward a nice set of 100 Christmas vector icons. The package comes in PSD and SVG format, making it extremely easy to resize the icons to the size needed.    

Flat but not flat rounded social icons

Flat design has been the rage in the last several months and more and more website bow down to this trend. If you want to ride the flow as well, but you’re not ready to completely redesign your website, here is a starting point: update your social icons with some new ones – flat, as […]

Gemicon Icon Set

Gemicon is a set of high quality glyph icons, designed by Turqois and distributed via the great guys from Smashing Magazine. The package comes in multiple size PNGs (16×16px, 32×32px and 64×64px), in black and white flavors.  

Food Icon Pack

The good people at Freepik strike again, this time with a food related icon pack: 200 glyphs that will leave your mouth watering. As usual, the package comes in multiple formats: flat PNGs (ranging from 32x32px to 128x128px) and fully editable vectors (AI and EPS format). The serving is done in partnership with the prestigious […]