Trident Design is the personal project of Adrian Sandu and aims to become a comprehensive collection of useful (nuclear grade) top quality resources for web designers and developers.

Why the need for such a project?

Any self respecting web designer and developer creates their own library of resource one might find useful one day in their craft. The process is usually a tedious one and usually involves staying tuned to blogs, galleries and twitter channels. It involves shifting through pages of the “Best collection of X resources of Y type”, through search results pages where the first couple of pages have results years old, whose content is usually outdated. The process is even more difficult for people new to the game, who lack the experience of years and have to rely on other’s recommendations.

This is the place where Trident Design enters the stage, providing a starting point that one can use to begin their own private library, tuned to their own needs and style. This will also be the place where one can find out about new resources, without having to filter through countless pages, links and tweets.

About the author

Hello, I am Adrian Sandu, Front End Developer and Web Designer. “Made” in Romania, I am currently living in Ireland, Dublin area, where I work as a contractor. I love to spend my free time with my family, to play video games and to tinker with my own projects.