Country flags in single CSS sprite

Almost every website that caters to an international market needs a set of flag icons,¬†either to visually mark the current language and the alternatives or to mark content specific to a certain country. While there are countless country flag icon sets out there, most of the time you must build your own solution to display […]

Subtle Patterns Background Image Generator

A while ago we presented Subtle Patterns – a growing collection of background patterns that can be downloaded for free. Yet some people wanted more. So they took the patterns from Subtle Patterns and created an application that allows one to create their own custom backgrounds. Just like in Photoshop, you can choose a base […]

Fontello icon font generator

Fontello is an online generator for icon fonts, allowing everyone to create a custom icon font set. It uses slightly modified versions of four icon fonts, unified for a common look: Entypo Font Awesome Iconic Brandico You can pick what icons you want and you can download the compilation font ready to use on your […]

Gridpack – the responsive grid generator

Gridpack is a free tool from Erskine Design that allows one to build a grid set for a responsive website. The application allows one to set breakpoints and to change the number of columns, size of gutter and padding for each breakpoint interval. The final result can then be exported to code. The package contains […]

UI Parade Button Builder

This button builder is a handy application, allowing people with no coding skills to create beautiful modern buttons for their websites. The application also generates the HTML and CSS code needed for the buttons to be fully functional across all modern browsers.


Initializr is an HTML5 templates generator that generates for you a clean customizable template with just what you need to start! The base material is offered by HTML5Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap. One also can also choose the polyfill method (via Modernizr or HTML5 Shiv), the Google Services that will be used (like Chrome Frame or Analytics).