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Free Quality Bootstrap Themes from Black Tie

Carlos Alvarez is one of those great guys that help the web go forward, by giving away free quality stuff. In this case we talk about free Bootstrap 3 themes, of premium quality, served under the name Black Tie. With new themes coming on a self-imposed schedule of bi-weekly updates, this is a resource worth […]

BootstrapCDN – Content Delivery Network for Bootstrap resources

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for widely used resources are a boost for the performance of websites. One such resource is (Twitter) Bootstrap – a widely used front end framework. Celebrating his first year of existence, the service provides reliable hosting not only for the framework itself (including the up-to-come version 3.0 RC1), but also associated […]

Twitter Bootstrap – Complete Responsive Front End Framework

What started as an internal projects from two Twitter employees, it evolved to a complete framework used by countless designers and developers all over the world. Currently at version 2.3.2 and with a brand new refactoring coming up with version 3.0, Bootstrap has everything one needs to put together a functional website in no time. […]

Browser Hacks Collection

It’s the night before the big launch and you still have not finished coding the website. One browser gives you trouble and there’s no time to refactor everything to prevent the problem from appearing in the first place. If only you could target the troublesome browser and feed him a specific rule that will account […]

Modern IE

For so many years, Internet Explorer has been both a bane for web developers and the butt of all jokes in the browser arena. Countless hours have been lost trying to adapt a design for these “dinosaurs” of the Internet. Fortunately, Microsoft started recently to get back in the good graces of web developers. One […]

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2

Today’s resource comes from a young designer living in Germany, Ivo Mynttinen. It is a well documented cheat sheet for everything iOS: resolution, PPI, icon and common UI elements sizes. The devices included in the list are: iPhone (4/4S/5), iPhone and iPod Touch (1/2/3), iPad (1/2), iPad Retina (3/4) and iPad Mini.  

HTML5/CSS3 User Interface Kit

Today’s resource comes from Vandeley Design in the shape of a UI Kit. However, unlike many of the resources presented before, this one is not in PSD format, but directly coded using HTML5 and CSS3. It even includes a clever mechanism to create custom checkboxes.  

This is Responsive – a collection of patterns, modules and resources

“This is Responsive” is a project initiated, developed and maintained by Brad Frost and Pon Katerra. They compiled a repository of design patterns and code modules essential for responsive web design. The website also contains a catalogue of resources, like articles and tutorials (from novice to master level), style guides, design tools, development techniques. All […]

JustGage plugin

JustGage is a handy JavaScript plugin for generating and animating clean gauges. The output is generated in SVG format and it is supporter in all current browsers.  

Adaptor – jQuery 3D slider

Adaptor is a free and cool jQuery carousel plugin. It can render both 3D and 2D transitions, although at this moment only Firefox and Webkit (Chrome and Safari) have the necessary support to display the 3D effects. All other browsers (including IE6) will fallback gracefully to a simple fade transition when using the 3D effects.