Twitter Bootstrap – Complete Responsive Front End Framework

What started as an internal projects from two Twitter employees, it evolved to a complete framework used by countless designers and developers all over the world. Currently at version 2.3.2 and with a brand new refactoring coming up with version 3.0, Bootstrap has everything one needs to put together a functional website in no time.

The entire structure is based on several interlocked modules:

  • a grid system (available in both fixed and fluid flavors), that degrades responsively for devices like tablets and smartphones, allowing ones website to be viewed by an even broader range of visitors. 
  • a basic CSS module, outlining standard typography, the display of list, tables, form elements and images, not to mention the included set of glyph icons.
  • a set of complex interface components, like navbars, dropdowns, menus, progress bars and many others, powered by a jQuery-based library, easy to deploy, use and modify as needed.

Everything is very easy to customize right before downloading the framework, via the customization page. Here one can modify all possible parameters, like size of the grid system, colors and fonts, together with many other variables. Another alternatives would be to download a ready-made theme from one of the many websites (such as Bootswatch).

Everything is backed up by a comprehensive and easy to use documentation. And if something is missing, there are so many tutorials, as well as a large community of users that can help you whenever you get stuck.

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