Windows 8

Icons 8 web app

After a long silence, we return with yet another amazing product from our old friends from icons8. A while ago we presented their app for Mac users. Meanwhile they have  been very busy and came up with a Windows 8 version of that app and a web-based application. So, what else is new? up to […]

2800 icons in a Mac app

Today we present a slightly different product. Our resource is a Mac application, from Icons8, containing 2800+ free icons for developers and designers. The icons are in PNG format in multiple sizes from 25x25px to 512×512 px and cover iOS 7 and Windows 8 styles. To use the app, simply type any keyword and the related icons will […]

Metricons – Metro Style Icon Set

With the launch of the new Windows 8, with the Metro Interface, it is expected to see a rise in the number of designs focused on this directions. You’ll need then a set of icons that match the guidelines perfectly and you can find it in Metricons. The set is split in two parts. The […]

Icons 8 – huge free Windows 8 style icon set

Icon8 is a product of VisualPharm, consisting of a huge set of Metro Style Windows 8 look-alike icons. 3-4 icons are added every week, from a selection of topics decided by the community. The archive contains separate PNG files (26 x 26 pixels) and one EPS vector file so that you can scale the icons […]

Windows 8 Metro GUI Pack

The Shock design team (behind put together this GUI pack, based on the specifications for the Metro Interface for Windows 8. The pack contains over 100 interface elements, in vector format, in a neatly organized PSD file.