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After a long silence, we return with yet another amazing product from our old friends from icons8. A while ago we presented their app for Mac users. Meanwhile they have  been very busy and came up with a Windows 8 version of that app and a web-based application. So, what else is new?

  • up to 6900 icons, in four main styles (iOS, Windows 8, Android L and Android KitKat)
  • allows you to select the size and the color of the icons
  • multi-tiered access: free or paid (depending on the features desired)
  • included option for yearly membership, that gives you access to future updates, icon-fonts and SVG code to embed into your HTML
Try the icons8 web app

One thought on “Icons 8 web app

  1. Uliana from Icons8 on January 26, 2016

    Hi guys, thanks for featuring our product in your blog. One little comment (ok, show-off): there are 19,400 icons now =)


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