Font Awesome – icon font for Bootstrap and WordPress

Dave Gandy began Font Awesome as a project to provide extra icon fonts for the well known framework of Twitter Bootstrap. Version 2.0 offers over 220 icons that can be infinitely scaled due to their native vector format. As with all icon fonts, one can change the icon color at will and apply all font and text CSS properties.

Font Awesome can be also used outside of Bootstrap – the creators included a stylesheet (in both CSS and LESS format) so that anyone can enjoy this font. A recent addition is a WordPress plugin format, created by Rachel Backer, that allows smooth integration with the most popular blogging engine in the world.


The Font Awesome webfont, CSS, and LESS files are licensed under CC BY 3.0. A mention of

Font Awesome -

in human-readable source code is considered acceptable attribution (most common on the web). If human readable source code is not available to the end user, a mention in an ‘About’ or ‘Credits’ screen is considered acceptable (most common in desktop or mobile software).


Get Font Awesome for Bootstrap Get Font Awesome for WordPress

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  1. Irina Vasilieva on October 23, 2012

    Great post, I admire the writing style 🙂 A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.


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