Free open source icon font hosting service: We Love Icon Fonts

When Google Webfonts was launched, it marked the beginning of a revolution in web design. For the first time it was so easy to use some other fonts than Arial, Verdana and Helvetica. Recently the new craze has been icon fonts: no more sprites of icons, no more multiple size images for high density screens. Just vector glyphs, that can be scaled indefinitely, that you can apply styles on. But still you had to jump through hoops by hosting all the file formats on your server and set up the proper way to add them into page.

Well, no more. A talented and well intended guy, called Tim Pietrusky, gave us all an early Christmas present: a free, open source icon font hosting solution. A Google Webfonts for icon fonts. It’s still in beta, you can only add fonts to a collection and use them in your site. But with the proper support from the community, it could become the next best thing for web design since @font-face.

Licence: free for personal and commercial projects


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